Latest neutron updates in order

Changelog Web Fix Steam login that Valve broke without telling anyone. They swapped to HTTPS which broke all Steam auth libraries that didn't have forwards compatibility.


I apologise for the slow updates regarding Neutron lately


  • Fixed event logs not showing events properly
  • Added an experimental way of syncing ranks (It currently only adds people to groups, it does not remove them. Group names have to match etc)


  • None



  • Fixed an undefined function issue, sorry about that. Forgot to replace this one
  • Fixed some chat display issues



  • License key will no longer go invalid every so often after not having 'called home'. It'll only call home once unless you change hardware/software from now on.

Changelog for


  • Fixed

    tags being in chat

  • Fixed an issue where eventlogs wouldn't show the first player correctly, damn gmod updates somehow breaking json syntax
  • Updated the caching library



Small fix, still recommend updating

Changelog web

  • Fixed restart/stop server requiring console command permission
  • Fixed some xss issues, please update even though there aren't many fixes. This one is important. kthxbai

lua None

Changelog A very small forced update due to the Steam login issue


  • Fixed a cache path issue
  • Edited how the reboot / stop buttons look
  • Clicking the server name in the dashboard now takes you to its page
  • Edit the view server page a bit, added more statistics
  • Removed the links to different pages ontop of each page because they are already in the sidebar
  • Moved the preferences link, it looked weird next to the logo
  • Fixed a Steam login "Error" issue

lua None

Changelog Fixed a cache issue that really only applies to NFO

Changelog Fixed yet another issue regarding installation, it would always return invalid license no matter what. Sorry about that. This update also only applies to new installs

Changelog Fixed a bug where the installation file would not work AT ALL. This update is only for new installs. If you updated previously without reinstalling this update is not required for you

Changelog Bugfix update. Sorry for the month without any update/bugfixes. I've been really busy lately


  • Fixed searching for players by Steam32 or Steam64 ID in player search
  • Fixed online admins leading to a non existant page
  • Attempted to fix an issue where start/stop of server would return invalid server id of -insert server secret key here-
  • Fixed an issue where adding a quickaction would not work on Firefox/IE
  • Fixed an issue where any quickaction would return insufficient access unless the user has access to run any console command
  • Added a screen that shows up if you do not meet the requirements for NeutronAdmin
  • Fixed an issue where anything sent in adminchat/serverchat was wrapped in



  • Fixed !playtime player targeting sometimes not working

Affected files web

  • Too many to list


  • lua/neutron/events.lua
  • lua/neutron/misc.lua
  • I forgot to compile my javascript files from last update, resulting in any quickactions not working. Well played.

Only modification is the whole 'compiled' folder


Changelog CLEAR CLOUDFLARE CACHE IF YOU USE CLOUDFLARE. (Otherwise the dashboard will look fucked up)

This is mainly a bugfix update, not a feature update


  • Theme has been re-designed and now looks like the new Prometheus admin dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where server id would be invalid
  • Added admins last online past 15 minutes
  • Now showing playtime of the servers admins are assigned to in "All admins"
  • Now shows time in minutes only as well as hours:minutes on a players profile


Affected files web Too many, only listing small updates here

lua None
  • Fixed an issue with "Don't tamper with the admin settings without being logged in" message, it's trying to update the settings of the system due to a MySQL update, and since you're not signed in it'll throw that error in your face

Missed a small check, I better update before someone complains, it's no big deal though

Changelog Bugfix update, sorry for the lack of Neutron updates lately. We have been working on Prometheus/other non related things but hopefully we will work more on Neutron shortly


  • Added abort restart/shutdown button
  • Fixed a bug where groups without "send cmd" allowed couldn't send a chat message to the server
  • Fixed a bug where stylesheets or js code could be sent in the admin chat or server chat and cause things to fuck up for web clients
  • Moved login page to the same page as index, hopefully to avoid the "Not acceptable!" error
  • Fixed an issue where Short Steam64ID's would not convert properly, on some configurations bcmath has bcscale set wrong by default
  • Added a new option in settings to always show servers as online for people with no proper fsockopen functionality(GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc)
  • Added a close button for requests, only use it if they are garbage requests though(Or if you're lazy)


  • Added abort for shutdown and restart
  • Added countdown for shutdown and restart

Affected files web Too many for so little, I'm not going to list them this time, just replace all apart from config

lua lua/neutron/commands.lua lua/neutron/database.lua

Changelog If you have 1.3.3 only update the files below for web

  • Fixed not being able to edit socket port in edit server

Affected files web inc/functions.php pages/servers/edit.php


Changelog Update web and lua! Lua has new config options, so do not forget to replace your lua config!!


  • Requests now only show 5 at a time to reduce load times if there are many of them. It also shows how many there are in total
  • Fixed a display issue with inheriting permissions
  • Now highlighting SteamIDs in eventlogs and linking to their Neutron profile. (Hover to see name)
  • Fixed an error when searching in admin logs
  • Added a failsafe way to check if servers are online if your host does not allow fsockopen over TCP
  • Fixed logging commands ran in admin logs


  • Added support for ServerGuard event logs
  • Added ULX psay and asay logs
  • Added possibility to have only specific ranks be able to request admin
  • Switched to module SQL escaping, SQLStr wasn't really made for MySQL
  • Added "!playtime" (and "!playtime playername") to view total play time on each server and all combined
  • Added cooldowns for request and playtime

Affected files web inc/functions.php inc/classes/eventlogs.class.php inc/classes/paging.class.php inc/classes/quickactions.class.php inc/classes/requests.class.php inc/classes/server.class.php pages/players/logs.php compiled/css/site.css

lua lua/neutron/cl_request.lua lua/neutron/database.lua lua/neutron/events.lua lua/neutron/functions.lua lua/neutron/init.lua lua/neutron/misc.lua lua/neutron/mysqloo.lua lua/neutron/request.lua lua/neutron/tmysql.lua lua/neutron_config.lua

lua new config options Neutron.ChatPlayTimeCmd = "!playtime" -- Can be used as "!playtime" for themselves or "!playtime playername" for someone else, playername can be a part of their name

Neutron.PlayTimeCooldown = 10 -- How long in seconds people have to wait before they can see theirs or anyone elses play time

Neutron.RequestRanks = {} -- Leave as {} if anyone can request an admin, if you want only specific ranks do it this way: {"rank1", "rank2", "rank3"}

Neutron.RequestCooldown = 40 -- How long in seconds people have to wait before they can request admin again


Only update the two edited files if you're already on 1.3.1


  • Fixed permissions only inheriting one permission from each group ._.

Affected files web inc/functions.php inc/classes/permissions.class.php


There are no config changes or lua changes in this update.

Only update web files.


  • Fixed login/install screen with the Prometheus theme
  • Moved run global commands below servers
  • You can no longer send blank messages in admin chat / server chat
  • Fixed one permissions text being too long, pushing all checkboxes out of line
  • Fixed inherited permissions from all chained groups not showing when adding/editing permission groups

Affected files web login.php inc/functions.php inc/classes/adminchat.class.php inc/classes/permissions.class.php pages/dashboard.php pages/servers/chat.php compiled/css_prom/site.css



  • Fixed modal boxes not being styled in the Prometheus theme

Affected files compiled/css_prom/site.css



  • Fixed server info size. It shifted servers down and made weird patterns
  • Player number now refreshes when players table updates
  • Player number now also count bots
  • Fixed editing server not working for some reason
  • Inheriting now works for multiple permission groups chained together
  • Fixed a warning error if you can target someone and there's nothing selected in cant target
  • Fixed targetting yourself if you set the cant target group to the group you're in as well
  • You can now run commands simultaneously on all servers
  • You can no longer see admin stats of servers you do not have access to.
  • Server groups now have a new permission 'Can see admin stats'
  • "All admins" now have pagination
  • Changed how old requests are listed to allow for more information
  • Server groups now have a new permission 'Can see request logs'
  • When clicking edit permissions you can now filter for "Global" or "Server" permissions
  • Added a Prometheus theme (New config options in config.php)

Affected files web inc/header.php inc/functions.php config.php pages/servers/edit.php pages/dashboard.php pages/admins/stats.php pages/admins/requests.php pages/admins/main.php pages/admins/editperm.php inc/classes/server.class.php inc/classes/permissions.class.php inc/classes/paging.class.php inc/classes/admins.class.php inc/classes/requests.class.php inc/ajax/users_table.php inc/ajax/quickactions.php inc/ajax/permissions.php fonts/BebasNeue.woff fonts/BebasNeue.ttf compiled/css/site.css compiled/js/site.js compiled/css_prom/bootstrap.css compiled/css_prom/line.png compiled/css_prom/[email protected] compiled/css_prom/site.css img/logo_prom.png

lua None


Changelog Lua only update

  • Fixed mysqloo doing "Commands out of sync" on 1.2 update

Affected files lua lua/neutron/database.lua lua/neutron/init.lua


Changelog Update both lua and web files. No config files were changed.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not put in a static reason as a kick/ban reason in quick actions
  • Fixed an issue where anything wrapped in "" dissapeared in quick actions
  • All players now sort with newest player at the top
  • Requests now has to be "Claimed" by an admin, then set to finished with a reason explaining what the admin did to solve it
  • Added a requests list in Admins -> Requests log
  • Javascript conflict fixes
  • You can now select the permission group you're editing in "Cant target" too. If you select it users in that group can not target other people in that group. Apart from themself.
  • Fixed having an RP name making you untargetable with name based commands
  • You can now use Extra1 through 100000 if you need to. Improved Quick action modulability and javascript
  • Moved edit button for users to their user profile and admin table only, no longer shown in tables due to it screwing up quick actions look
  • Fixed servers showing as offline
  • You can now set a max Time amount in quick actions, so specific permission groups can only type in a so and so long time.
  • Fixed special chars(Like ?) not letting commands be run on people
  • Fixed some ULX logs not working

Affected files web inc/functions.php inc/header.php /compiled/ inc/classes/update.class.php inc/classes/server.class.php inc/classes/quickactions.class.php inc/classes/permissions.class.php inc/classes/requests.class.php inc/classes/players.class.php inc/ajax/quickactions.php inc/ajax/requests_search.php pages/admins/requests.php pages/settings/editquick.php pages/settings/addquick.php

lua lua/neutron/database.lua lua/neutron/functions.lua lua/neutron/init.lua lua/neutron/events.lua


Changelog Sorry for the rapid bugfix updates. Update all the files below

  • Fixed editing preferences not working
  • Fixed missnamed server column
  • Fixed cloudflare blocking connections due to a referrer url being set....

Affected files Web pages/preferences.php inc/functions.php inc/classes/email.class.php inc/classes/update.class.php


Changelog Sorry for the rapid bugfix updates. This one only requires the three files listed below to be replaced

  • Fixed a javascript checkbox bug in add permission group and edit permission group

Affected files Web inc/functions.php pages/admins/addperm.php pages/admins/editperm.php


Changelog To update just replace all files apart from configs. They have not changed in this update.

  • Fixed servers not displaying as online even though they are
  • Fixed other stuff relating to the issue above

Affected files Web inc/classes/neutron.class.php inc/functions.php


Changelog To update just replace all files apart from configs. They have not changed in this update.

  • Fixed serverchat loading messages in the wrong order
  • Lowered refresh rate of both chats. Serverchat does not load new messages for 3 seconds upon load now, to allow for loading 15 previous messages correctly
  • You can now scroll to the top of server chat to retrieve older messages
  • Made some player names in event logs lead to their profile. This is not possible with all types of player names unfortunately. As some are just plain text.
  • Fixed an error where $log was an array in eventlogs
  • Fixed an error where fsockopen would spew an error if a server wasn't reachable
  • Added server slots and players online to server view
  • Added a server chat filter feature accessible when editing a server, not when adding
  • Fixed requests sending to any admin with email and send email specific. Now only sends to the ones assigned to the specific server
  • Chat now says (Web) if the message was sent from web when viewing the chat on the web panel
  • Added permission group inheriting
  • Made it so that you can't use the same permission group name twice
  • Added "cant target" as a feature to permission groups
  • If you do not have permissions to view a tab it no longer shows in the header
  • If your server has never been connected to the database it will now tell you
  • You can now choose default groups to put people who try to log in on the panel in
  • Fixed a bug where status of a player would be set to connecting if they have not been in game but logs in on the panel
  • Properly made chat commands will no longer show up in chat logs

Affected files Web

  • means all files in that directory

/compiled/* /pages/* /inc/* api.php login.php index.php

Lua lua/neutron/chat.lua lua/neutron/commands.lua lua/neutron/database.lua lua/neutron/functions.lua lua/neutron/request.lua



  • Fixed link to edit profile in Players view taking you to your own profile only
  • Added some text to player edit to explain some necessary stuff
  • Fixed having mysqloo 8 did a real error when should have just showed an error message
  • Switched to a better faster way of checking if a server is online or not
  • It now says "Something killed ..." if an object or fire kills a player
  • Fixed death event erroring and messing stuff up if the killer wasn't player in lua
  • Added a clear cache button to the settings area

Affected files Web inc/functions.php pages/players/edit.php pages/players/view.php inc/classes/server.class.php inc/classes/eventlogs.class.php pages/settings/main.php

Lua lua/neutron/init.lua lua/neutron/events.lua



  • Fixed adding/editing/deleting permission groups on Firefox / IE

Affected files Web pages/admins/addperm.php pages/admins/editperm.php


Changelog Only update web files.

  • Fixed emails through not working
  • Fixed sql not having a field for email_username
  • Fixed an issue where visiting the servers page would yield an error if not having permissions to view a certain server

Affected files Web inc/functions.php install/sql.php (Not important) inc/classes/email.class.php inc/classes/update.class.php inc/classes/permissions.class.php index.php


Just a small bugfix for the previous bugfix. Not important unless you're assigning admins who has not been ingame yet


  • Still didn't insert into stats upon login. Oops.

Affected files login.php



  • Fixed paging in players table
  • Fixed "public function getMax()" appearing for some odd reason
  • Fixed servers always being "None" in admins table on linux installs
  • Fixed site url setting to site IP when editing settings. Oops.
  • Now inserts a row into stats if users have not been ingame yet and signs in on the panel.

Affected files Web inc/functions.php inc/classes/paging.class.php inc/classes/admins.class.php pages/settings/main.php login.php

Lua None


Completely forgot about Firefox and IE's stupid javascript behaviour. Had to add a hidden input field with the same name as the submit buttons and a value of true to fix this.

Also cleaned up some unecessary global variables

Affected files All in /pages All in /inc


When editing another users permissions it edited yours. Oops.

Affected files /pages/players/edit.php


Initial version.