Information about Prometheus 2.0
What is Prometheus 2.0, and what will it be?
Prometheus 2.0 is a new beginning, it's the start of what Prometheus always should have been, and what it will be.

What will Prometheus 2.0 deliver?
What new features will 2.0 bring?
What other improvements will 2.0 bring?
Questions and answers

What will Prometheus 2.0 deliver?

It will mainly bring the following things, but these are the core principles of 2.0
  • A completely rewritten web backend
  • Way faster load times
  • Top notch security
  • Easier ways to modify core code without it being overwritten upon updates (Like a proper module system)

What new features will 2.0 bring?

There are a lot of features that Prometheus 2.0 will bring, things that deserve to be mentioned are:
  • Multiple upgradeable packages
  • A better API
  • XenForo support
  • Better Teamspeak integration
  • StarPass
  • Simple Paysafecard integration (Not automatic, but with an approval system)
  • RCon action support, this means it will support games like Minecraft and Rust in a simple way as well
  • Additions to the SourceMod integration
  • Better coupon code support, now a limit per person as well
  • Tracking who bought a package for who
  • Pretty URLs, ever get tired or confused by URLs like "admin.php?a=pkg&add" and would rather have "/admin/packages/add"? Consider it done
  • Powered by a powerful templating engine, no more inline ugly confusing PHP
  • Email support, sending emails when someone sends you a ticket, or purchases something, etc

What other improvements will 2.0 bring?

  • A better way of Translating Prometheus
  • Free automatic web setup for Prometheus, incase you can't afford it

Prometheus 2.0 Q&A

Will Prometheus 2.0 be a paid upgrade?
No, it will be free, like all upgrades have been till now

When will Prometheus 2.0 be done?
It will be done when it's done, I can't put an exact ETA on it yet, there's still a lot to be done, but it will be worth it

Will there be any major design changes?
I'm not sure about this yet, I want to keep it pretty much the same as it is now to avoid breaking the Theme Editor themes, but I kind of want to upgrade the user end. This means the Theme Editor may get a complete revamp as well. It doesn't work very well right now.

How will the upgrade work?
Upon installing 2.0, it will detect your previous Prometheus installation, and quite you through the whole upgrade using a visual step by step upgrade user interface

Will installing 2.0 be easier than 1.x?
Yes! 2.0 will bring a new installation UI which will guide you through absolutely everything as opposed to 1.x!