Prometheus' newest update
OoooooOoOoOoOOoo spoooookyyy halloween update!!

This update includes a simple Halloween theme and bats roaming around your screen! To enable the bats go to General Settings -> Settings -> Seasonal Settings and enable "Halloween things". I've also included a client side theme selector and the ability to change background image in the theme editor. One last thing I added is a language selector if your community has multiple languages.

Modified files

  • added: app/js/halloween-bats.js
  • added: img/bats.png
  • added: themes/halloween/style.css
  • added: themes/neutron-esque/style.css
  • modified: admin/gen/settings.php
  • modified: admin/theme.php
  • modified: admin/theme/submit.php
  • modified: app/js/site.js
  • modified: app/less/site.less
  • modified: compiled/css/site.css
  • modified: compiled/js/site.js
  • modified: inc/classes/dashboard.class.php
  • modified: inc/classes/theme.class.php
  • modified: inc/classes/theme_checkbox.class.php
  • modified: inc/classes/update.class.php
  • modified: inc/classes/options.class.php
  • modified: inc/footer.php
  • modified: inc/functions.php
  • modified: inc/header.php
  • removed: themes/.keep
  • removed: themes/storetest/style.css
  • removed: themes/test/style.css
Small seperate(silent) patch where we fix weapon names not being able to include - or any other special allowed symbols other than spaces and commas. Also fix behaviour for PayPal subscriptions where it would not work with anything less than 90 days.

Modified files

  • modified: inc/classes/gateways.class.php
  • modified: inc/classes/store.class.php

Lua - modified: actions.lua
Another seperate fix where we added a Privacy Policy feature. You can enable and use it in General Settings -> Privacy Policy. And updated some language files.

Modified files

  • added: admin/gen/privacy.php
  • added: lang/pl.php
  • added: privacy.php
  • modified: GruntFile.js
  • modified: admin/gen/nav.php
  • modified: app/OLD TODO LIST.TODO
  • modified: imprint.php
  • modified: inc/admin_sidebar.php
  • modified: inc/classes/permissions.class.php
  • modified: inc/classes/update.class.php
  • modified: inc/footer.php
  • modified: inc/functions.php
  • modified: install/sql.php
  • modified: lang/cs.php
  • modified: lang/en-gb.php
This update only includes a small patch to allow packages with the exact same actions to stack expiration time. Not only packages of the same ID.

Modified files

  • modified: inc/functions.php

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Neutron's newest update


I apologise for the slow updates regarding Neutron lately


  • Fixed event logs not showing events properly
  • Added an experimental way of syncing ranks (It currently only adds people to groups, it does not remove them. Group names have to match etc)


  • None

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