Prometheus' newest update

This update fixes a few things, mostly PHP 7.2 support:

  • PHP 7.2 is now compatible, no more count must be array or Object that implements Countable
  • Stripe now supports 7.2
  • Redirection should no longer throw a cannot modify header information error
  • TS3 implementation now throws proper errors
  • It's no longer possible to break your Prometheus installation by using an invalid sale date
  • Add CSRF Token to support ticket submission
  • Fix cs language file as it was breaking Prometheus

Modified files Web

  • modified: composer.json
  • added: composer.lock
  • modified: inc/classes/actions.class.php
  • modified: inc/classes/cache.class.php
  • modified: inc/classes/db.class.php
  • modified: inc/classes/store.class.php
  • modified: inc/classes/verification.class.php
  • modified: inc/functions.php
  • modified: inc/header.php
  • modified: lang/cs.php
  • modified: pages/admin/sale.php
  • modified: pages/store/required.php
  • modified: support.php
  • modified: vendor/*

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Neutron's newest update

Changelog Web Fix Steam login that Valve broke without telling anyone. They swapped to HTTPS which broke all Steam auth libraries that didn't have forwards compatibility.

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